Break-A-Way Solvent Shampoo

Solvent Shampoo and Rust Proof Remover

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Break-A-Way Solvent Shampoo

Break-A-Way Solvent Shampoo is quick acting solvent based cosmoline (oil & wax) remover and excellent engine degreaser. Using the rinse water it emulsifies grease, road tar. Our product is the #1 choice of rust proofing shops as rust proof over spray remover. Break-A-Way is quick and easy to use  with a pleasant fragrance. Break-A-Way contains no harmful chlorinated solvents.

For best results, wet the surface you want to treat, let product dwell, then simply rinse. When removing rust proof over spray always wash the vehicle after use.

Product Codes:

1L 165-H802001
4L 165-H802004

Body Shop Safe: YES
Use: Spray/Rinse

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