Car Washing Bundle

Summertime Clean!

Car Washing Bundle



Car Washing Bundle

Everything you need for an ‘exxtremely’ clean ride this summer. Our special car washing bundle consists of the following premium Hutton’s products:

  • A Hutton’s Microfiber Wash Mitt (165-HMFWM-1)
  • A Hutton’s Synthetic Microfiber Chamois (165-HMFC2025)
  • A Microfiber Green Glass Towel (205-T165616)
  • Hutton’s Dub-ble Bub-ble Auto Soap – 1 Litre bottle (165-H807001)
  • Hutton’s Dazzle Glass Cleaner – 1 Litre bottle (165-H803001)

Vehicle Washing Instructions:

Always pre rinse your vehicle before washing.

When washing always wash from the bottom of your vehicle to the top. This insures that you will not miss any dirty spots.

After soaping the entire vehicle simply rinse and chamois.

For the best drying result always chamois your vehicle from the top to the bottom as water naturally runs down.

Never use chamois on your tires or rims to prevent the chamois from getting grease or other forms of contamination in it.

Once your vehicle is dry clean your windows with the glass towel and Dazzle glass cleaner.

To further enhance your vehicles overall appearance you can purchase our Tire Cleaning Bundle.


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