Exxpress Foam Liquid Interior Shampoo

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Exxpress Foam Liquid Interior Shampoo

Exxpress Foam is a unique foaming Liquid Interior Shampoo for use on carpets and upholstery using the rotary scrub, dry foam or bonnet buff method. Exxpress Foam develops a richer lather, which lifts and encapsulates soils and prevents redeposition. Residual foam dries to a brittle crystal, which vacuums out easily. Soft on velours, pleasantly scented, easy to use by hand. Ready To Use is also available in all sizes!

For best result, always vacuum carpets and upholstery prior to using Exxpress Foam. Just spray on carpets, seats, headliners, and any other fabric areas you want to clean then scrub with a carpet brush,  upholstery brush, rotary brush or bonnet depending on the method you choose to use. Once the product dries to a brittle crystal just re-vacuum.

For convenience in a CAN try our Exxpress Foam Aerosol interior shampoo!

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1L 165-H212001-RTU
4L 165-H212004-RTU

Body Shop Safe: YES

Use: Spray/Brush/Vacuum

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