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Exxtractor Interior Kleaner

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A Powerful Carpet cleaner

Do you need a powerful Carpet Cleaner that works great on carpet and upholstery? Our Exxtraction Interior Kleaner is the best cleaner in the automotive industry. We have designed this product for specific use with hot or cold extractors carpet cleaning machines in mind. Our product has a unique anti-foaming technology built in which helps increase fluid flow within the extractor machine.

Exxtraction Interior Kleaner also works well in all Tornador cleaning tools. This product loosens, brakes down and removes stains from carpet and upholstery surfaces while leaving a pleasant clean scent. This product contains a specially built in fabric softener to enhance the appearance of carpet and upholstery while gently cleaning. Blended to prevent re-soiling by not leaving any residue behind on the treated area.

For best results use with a Hot or Cold Extractor carpet cleaning machine or a Tornador cleaning tool. Simply dilute the product 10.1 before use. This carpet cleaner can also be used as a pre-spray on those  heavily soiled fabric surfaces. Just spray,scrub with a firm bristle brush and then let dry!

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165-H809004A – 4L

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