Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay (Aggressive)




Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay (Aggressive)

Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay (Aggressive) is the safe chemical-free way to remove stubborn contamination. Simply lubricate paint with a quick detailer, and gently wipe away overspray, bug debris, water spots, tree sap mist, road tar and other surface contamination. Use detailing clay before polishing or waxing for a smoother, more perfect gloss. Also available in mild formulas.

For Best Results, always wash and dry vehicle paint thoroughly before treating painted surfaces!

  • Quickly removes all bonded contaminants
  • Restores smooth as glass finish
  • 100% non-abrasive safe on all types of paint
  • Do not use in direct sunlight

Product Code: 827-MEG-2100

SKU: 827-Meg-C2100

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